CS 101

Access Database Information


Instructor:  Ms. Moore


Access Database Information
Articles for learning about Microsoft Access:

1)  What is Microsoft Access?
Read these Sections:
What is Access?
Relational databases in Access
When you open Access

2)  Database Basics

3)  Introduction to Tables
Read these Sections:
Introduction to Tables

4)  Introduction to Forms:  Understand Layout view and Design View

5)  Undo or Redo Data Entry or Design Changes

6)  Keyboard Shortcuts
Videos to show how to perform tasks
 with keyboard shortcuts.
The videos will also help you learn what you can do
 with fields, rows, and tables.

7)  Queries:  Introduction to Queries

8)  Queries:  MS Access Query Article from Microsoft.com
Sections:  Introduction,
Navigating the Design Grid,
Getting the Results.
For more "Computer-Science" knowledge:  Behind the Scenes
How to find the proper Query:

Look in this part of your ND window:
How to find proper Query
How to find the Query Views:

Look in this part of your ND window:
Query Views
Introduction to Relationships by About.com
From MS Access Help:
"Create, edit, or delete a relationship"

Create a Relationship Between 2 Tables in Query Design View
From MS Access Help:
"Introduction to queries"

Definition of "Relationship" in Access Databases

Open Access Help,
Click "Table of Contents" icon (looks like a book),
Click "Access basics",
Click "Introduction to queries",
Scroll to section entitled "Review data from more than one table simultaneously".
Take note of #4 in list of steps.
Consider that information for our database query.
How to find the black line between 2 Tables in the Design View:

Look in this part of your ND window:
Query Relationship
Some "Computer Science" for those who want to learn about the programming behind the Query:
1)  SQL Fundamentals
2)  Introducing the SELECT Statement
3)  Restricting Query Results
4)  Finishing Touches

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