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These sites are great resources for field trips, curriculum supplement, classroom visits, and online activities.  I focused on the classroom applications of these sites but students, teachers, and parents alike can utilize these sites.

Seattle Pacific Science Center
This is an interactive site that presents current and upcoming exhibits and shows. It also provides information on visiting such as prices, hours, food, and parking, and it also provides information and materials for schools to supplement their curriculum and prepare them for field trips. There are also opportunities to get involved.
Washington Park Arboretum
The Arboretum is not only a beautiful park to walk through, it is an ongoing program to cultivate native species and increase our knowledge about them.
Wastewater Education
This site is intended to introduce students to the process of wastewater treatment. They host tours and programs for students in grades 4-12. There is also a link to the wheels to water program that gives free transportation to and from the plant.
Mountains to Sound
The puropse of this site is to introduce the public to the Greenway, a swath of land stretching across the Cascade Mountains from Seattle to Central Washington. This site provides educational opportunities for students and schools.
Seattle Art Museum
This site supplements the museum, presenting current and upcoming exhibits and events. It provides information about visiting and provides programs.
Seattle Aquarium
The Seattle Aquarium is a renowned aquarium dedicated to researching and educating people about the unique creatures of the northwest. The website is well maintained and easy to navigate. Teachers can easily plan a visit by visting the website, while students and parents can prepare extracurricular visits.
Bill Nye
This site is a more interactive method to study the topics brought up in these world famous videos. He posts occasional blogs, videos and books can be purchased, and activities are also available to practice at home using things you can find around the house.
This is a wonderful site to watch nova videos online. There are only a dozen or so full episodes at a time but they also have numerous clips that could supplement a lesson without taking over the period. It is also possible to purchase videos here.
Wheels to Water
Field trips are a fantastic method for improving students understanding of concepts. Unfortunately, logistical issues can interfere such as money and transportation. This website attempts to remedy this by providing free transportation for schools to and from their field trip site.
National Science Teachers Association
The NSTA is dedicated to providing teahers with data and materials to improve science education in school. They list conference schedules and professional development opportunities. There are also resources for students as. However, in order to access everything, a membership is required starting at $75 a year.

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