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Using the Digital Drop Box - Bb 6

Your instructor may ask you to use the Digital Drop Box in Blackboard to turn in assignment.

Note:When using the Digital Dropbox please be aware of these important points:

Digital Dropbox files need to have names that do not contain spaces or the following characters: NO slashes (/), NO pound signs (#), NO Percent signs (%)

Before browsing for the file on your personal hard drive be sure that it has been saved with the file extension, .doc or .rtf. on your hard drive. Windows computers will automatically put the extension for the file type at the end of the file. (see step #5 below)

If you are using a Macintosh, however, it is necessary to put the file extension by hand on the end of the file name. So a file named "midterm" would need to be called "midterm.doc" or "midterm.rtf" if you have saved it as Rich Text Format.

If you are using a word processing program other than Microsoft Word such as Apple Works or Microsoft Works you will need to save as Rich Text Format (rtf) so that it can be read by your instructor after it has been uploaded.

For instructions on saving a file as rtf please go through the tutoriat at:

1. Once you are in your course site, click on the Tools button.

2. Click on the Digital Drop Box icon.

click digital dropbox icon

3. To send a file to your instructor, click the Send File button.

send file

4. Enter a Title for your file. You can also add Comments (this is optional).

enter title and comments

5. Click the Browse button to select the file you would like to upload. Click the Open button.

click the browse button

6. Click the Submit button.

click the submit button

7. A confirmation message of receipt is displayed. Click the OK button.


8. The date and time displayed for each document sent is not the date and time on the user's machine, rather, it is the date and time on the Blackboard server. Files sent to the Instructor will show the date and time submitted.

Note: Selecting the Add File button does not send the file to your instructor. It simply adds the file to you Digital Drop Box area. Files that are added to the Drop Box but not sent will show the date and time posted. It is recommended that you use the instructions above to send files to your instructor.

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