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Setting Your Password in Blackboard

After you activate your Netware account you need to set you password for Blackboard. You may also use these steps if you forgot the password you set for Blackboard. This tutorial describes the process:

1. At the Blackboard login page click the "Forgot your Password" link. This is the way you will set your password when accessing Blackboard for the first time. Please remember that you can use this link if you forget your password to reset it as well.

2. The next window that appears will request your first name, last name and username or your first name, last name and e-mail. Fill in the first 3 fields using the username given to you from the Netware account set up process. Click the Submit button.

3. Next you will see a verification and information that a Lost Password Notification has been sent to your Groupwise e-mail address.

4. To access Groupwise type the following URL in your browser: - you will see that Groupwise is being accessed through a secure link:

5. At the Groupwise login screen type your Netware username and password and click login.

6. Look for the message titled "Lost Password Notification" and open it.

7. In the message you will see a long link with red letters. The method that will work best is to copy the link, carefully selecting all the letters and numbers and paste it into your browser.

8. Your browser will launch or become active and display the following window:

enter password and verification

9. Enter your password, verify it by typing it a second time and click submit.

10. At this point you will be taken into the "My Institution" page of Blackboard.

11. Now you can click the Courses Tab and search for your course to enroll in it.

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