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Courses Tab Overview:

This tutorial will provide information about the basic tools and utilities located on your courses page. Scroll down if necessary and click the letters below screenshot for descriptions.

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A. Course Search

Here you can search for a course by course prefix and number, schedule line number, course title, or instructor. You can also perform an advanced search which provides some added search options. Click on advanced search to show these options.

B. Search the Web:

The Search the Web feature is found throughout the CWU Blackboard portal. This service features the academic research engine and is powered by Northern Light. -return to top-

C. Course List:

The Course List displays all web delivered and web enhanced courses in which you are enrolled.

D. Course Catalog:

The Course Catalog is an organized listing of online courses. The courses are categorized by college and department. You can use the Course Catalog instead of the Course Search Utility to locate an online course. -return to top-

E. Browse Course Catalog:

The Browse the Course Catalog link provides another way to look through the course listings in the Course Catalog.

F. Home Button:

The Home button directs you back to the CWU home page.-return to top-

G. Help Button:

The Help button provides access to the CWU Online support resources.

H. Logout Button:

Click on the Logout button once you have finished using your Blackboard. This will log you out of Blackboard and take you back to the CWU Blackboard login page. -return to top-

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