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What is it? Elluminate goes beyond web conferencing with best-in-class web, audio, video, and social networking solutions that help you create a 21st century teaching, learning, and collaboration environment. Learn more

Why use it? Online teaching/training is a growing trend. Students today are looking for more online learning opportunities and Elluminate can help faculty meet those needs. With tightening budgets, travel for meetings and/or training sessions may need to be cut. With Ellluminate, staff can hold meetings and/or training sessions without the need for everyone to gather in one physical location. You can hold either live, interactive sessions or record them to playback later.

Where can I get it? Both faculty and staff need to make sure they go through the Moderator training offered by Elluminate before requesting Moderator access. When you get to the Elluminate page and it asks you for a login, just create one as necessary; it has nothing to do with your CWU account information.Once you've gone through the training, you can request a Moderator account by filling out the form below.

Please feel free to direct any questions to either Jane Chinn ( or Kristi Gladen (

To request a Moderator account for Elluminate, please complete all fields below and click on the “Submit” button. Faculty will be contacted by Jane Chinn and staff will be contacted by Kristi Gladen.

*E-mail address:
I took the Moderator training at Yes   No
I am (check one) Faculty   Staff

Please review the information on the form, then click on "Submit" below.  You will return to the Multimedia Technology and Instructional Support Home Page.  You'll receive a confirmation of your request via e-mail. 
To erase all fields and start over, click on "Reset." 

Thank you for your interest.

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