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Central Washington University M.E.Ch.A Constitution

Article I – Name and symbol

Section 1 - The name of this organization will be M.E.Ch.A., which is the acronym for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan.

Section 2 - The official symbol of this organization shall be the eagle with its wings spread, bearing a macahuittle in one claw and dynamite stick with a lit fuse in its beak. A banner will consist of the acronym M.E.Ch.A above symbo with “La Union Hace La Fuerza” below.

Article II – Organization Objectives

Section 1 - The objectives of the organization shall be:
A. To promote and contribute to the knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the Chicano history and culture.
B. To strive for educational, cultural, economical, political, and social empowerment within the Chicano community in order to help our people.
C. To undertake the responsibility of retaining our identity and furthering our cultural awareness.
D. To undertake the responsibility of uplifting and mobilizing Chicano/as through higher education.
E. To implement plans of action concerning Chicanos/as.
F. M.E.Ch.A. will strive to involve itself in the affairs of Central Washington University with an emphasis on working for the betterment of Central Washington University’s environment.

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