mission and philosophy


linear or not

stem 1.1 approaching aphophis

activity 1.1

stem 1.2 universal units

activity 1.2

stem 1.3 famous functions

activity 1.3

stem 1.4 literally linear

activity 1.4

stem 1.5 linear lift

activity 1.5

stem 1.6 watt's horsepower (energy and power)*

stem 1.7 linear 'lectric (power conversion)*

stem 1.8 locally linear (introduction to deriviatives)*

stem 1.9 constantly linear (introduction to integration)*

stemlab 1.1

assessment 1.1

*in progress

mathe-ply is a module-based, mathematics e-text. The e-text modules integrate the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The content herein is designed to comprise a quantitative capstone course for high school seniors, preparing them for college and for the work place. Prerequisites include three years of coursework in algebra, geometry, or integrated mathematics. The mathe-ply problem-solving setting requires students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate real-world information mathematically, and then communicate their findings, all, using technology as a tool.


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