Ten Assessment Fallacies

  1. My pre-test (or first test) validly, reliably, and fairly rids my class of students who will not perform well.
  2. My tests are valid, because I teach the course.
  3. My tests are reliable, because I have taught the course many times.
  4. My tests are fair, because I am a fair-minded person.
  5. My tests measure THE important ideas, because I am THE expert.
  6. My tests measure higher-order thought processes, because I model them.
  7. My tests are formative tools, because I write, evaluate, and return them.
  8. My final exams measure synthetic thinking, because they cover all course content.
  9. My final exams measure student learning, because I believe statements 1-8.
  10. I am an effective teacher, because I believe statements 1-9.