You've Found the Home of WebQuery

If you're interested in creating your own WebQuery or want to know more about it's history, I've compiled a list of some relevant presentations and materials.

WebQuery: Putting Inquiry in the Quest

the original description of a WebQuery and how it differs from a WebQuest. Presented at NECC 2003.

WebQueries: Refining the WebQuest Model

an example of WebQuery for in-service teachers, dealing with No Child Left Behind. Presented at NWATE 2004.

WebQuery: The Quest for Inquiry Continues

a follow-up poster detailing several WebQuery developments, most notably the Process prompts. Presented at NECC 2004.

WebQuery: An Inquiry Method for Teaching About Copyright

WebQuery as a method for teaching about copyright law. It happens to be the example we use when modeling WebQuery to our pre-service students, instead of lecturing about inquiry learning. It gives them the opportunity to experience a WebQuery as a student before creating their own. Presented at DPE 2007.

To create your own WebQuery, simply follow the template.

There's also a growing collection of WebQuery examples from CWU students.

Developed by Ian Loverro at Central Washington University.