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treble clef graphicHello and welcome to my website. This site includes the syllabi for all of the courses that I teach, including both undergraduate and graduate music courses. Most syllabi contain all the assignments that students will need for the class, giving detailed descriptions of what is expected for each project. There is also a section on 'Writing a Music Research Paper' which includes general guidelines in preparing a project as well as a large number of links that would be extremely useful to anyone doing research on a music related topic.

The 'Bassoon Studio' section gives the private music students that I work with information that they will need in preparing for their lessons. It is also a very useful section for prospective music students interested in attending CWU as well as area music educators. There is also a 'lighter' section about me that is included to add a little humor to the site. I hope that this web page will be of tremendous benefit to every music major at CWU as well as many other students within the campus community.

I wish to express my gratitude to Michael Hintzman for all his assistance in setting up this site. He has been a tremendous help with the project and it probably would not have been completed without his aide.

Dan Lipori



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