Cross-country skiing is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors in winter.  The pleasures of cross country skiing can take your mind away from the stresses associated with the every day grind.  It is a whole body work out that nearly uses every muscle in your body.  It can be done alone or with the whole family and it will also develop your cardiovascular system as well build the mind-body relationship for a healthy life.

Purpose of Cross-country Skiing in Physical Education:

The purpose of cross country skiing in the PE department is to get the students outside, experience a new activity and have a fun way to exercise and get into shape.

Where and When to Teach It:

This Cross-country skiing unit can be taught outdoors during the winter in the schools field or park.  Another fun idea is to take a class field trip where they can experience the great outdoors.  (The unit can also be modified to be done in the warmer climates with in-line skates and poles). Click her for More

Tips On How to Teach it
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Student Learning Objectives and Benchmarks:

1. Participate in class field trip
2. To demonstrate and be competent in the diagonal technique
3. To demonstrate and be competent in the double pole technique
4. To complete and be competent in skills on task card


Skills Test/Task Card     80%
Attendance                    20%


91-100 = A
81-90 = B
71-80 = C
61-70 = D
60 or below F

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