Workout 6
 High intensity, long duration
Competition Preparation

Total Time: 60-?

Warm Up: 10 minutes of easy skiing slowly raising heart rate to 75%, followed by some stretching.

Winter activity: Classic skiing and interavls
Summer activity: In-line skating with poles, running hills, sprints, swimming etc.
Distance: 15 miles and up
Time: 15-30 minutes of race pace skiing then easy skiing for 30-?
Effort: 70-95% heart rate max

Cool Down: Slow down the final 5 minutes until you are walking on your skiis then stretch.

Comments:  Start increasing your distances each time little by little maintaining the same pace.  These workouts should imitate races, so focus on maintaining intensity the entire duration.  Be sure to hydrate and eat plenty of carbohydrates to restore your glycogen.  Do this hard workout only when well rested and slow down or stop if you can't maintain the pace.  This workout will require at least one days rest before you train again.

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