Workout 5
 High intensity, Short duration

Total Time: 40-35 minutes

Warm Up: 10 minutes of easy skiing slowly raising heart rate to 75%, followed by some stretching.

Winter activity: Interval skiing
Summer activity: In-line skating with poles, running hills, sprints etc.
Distance: 4-8 miles with interval and recovery
Time: 13-26 minutes divided as followed
          1 minutes fast skiing, 2 minutes recovery
          2 minutes fast skiing, 2 minutes recovery
          3 minutes fast skiing, 3 minutes recovery
          repeat if able
Effort: 80-100% heart rate max

Cool Down: Slow down the final 5 minutes until you are walking on your skiis then stretch.

Comments:  Focus on good skiing technique, staying relaxed and fluid.  Slow down when you can no maintain the pace.

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