Checking Your Health Status and Ski Fitness Levels

Asessing Your Physical Readiness
Testing Your Program Readiness
Testing Your Aerobic Fitness

Assessing Your Physical Readiness

If you answer yes to any of the following questions see a physician before you start a training program.
Tables from Steven Gaskill
Preparation Check List
1. Do you have a history of heart disease, vascular disease, or blood clots?
2. Any heart or circulatory problems?
3. Do you have diabetes and take insulin to control it?
4. Do you take any daily medication that may affect your exercise?
5. Are you over 45 and have not exercised over the past 5 years?
6. Do you smoke 10 or more cigarettes a day?
7. Do you exercise infrequently or not at all?
8. Are you currently undergoing rehab for a injury?
9. Are you pregnant?
10. Do you have any other serious medical conditions?

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Testing Your Program Readiness



Current Activity
Fill in the number of hours and partial hours that you participate each week in the following activities:
1. Aerobic sports like running, biking, rowing, hiking, in-line skating ____x 6 = _____
2. Any sports like basketball, soccer, racquetball, alpine skiing ____x 5 = _____
3. Strength training ____x 5 = _____
Subtotal for activity: _____________
Injury Profile
Choose the number that best describes the frequency with which you have had the following injuries: 1 (yes frequently), 2 (sometimes or have in the past), 3 (rarely or never)
1. Do you get foot or ankle injuries?           ________
2. Do you get upper body or shoulder injuries?           ________
3. Do you have a lower back problem?           ________
Subtotal for Injures: _____________
Weight Status
Which of these statements best describes your current weight?
1. You are within 10 pounds of you ideal weight?           ______(3)
2. You are within 11-20 pounds of your ideal weight?           ______(2)
3. You are within 20 or more pounds of you ideal weight?           ______(1)
Which age category are you in?
Age 30 or less           ______(5)
Age 31-40           ______(4)
Age 41-50           ______(3)
Age 51-60           ______(2)
Age 60 or over           ______(1)
Resting Pulse
What is your resting pulse (your heart rate after waking in the morning, but before getting out of bed)?
Below 60 beats per minute           ______(4)
60-69 beats per minute           ______(3)
70- 75 beats per minute           ______(2)
76 or higher           ______(1)
Cardiovascular Health
Which statement best describes your cardiovascular history?
No history of heart or circulatory problems           ______(3)
Past conditions now treated and reversed           ______(2)
Heart  and circulatory problems self monitored           ______(1)
Smoking Status
Which statement best describes you?
Never smoke or have quit at least 12 months ago           ______(4)
Sometimes smoke           ______(1)
Smoke at least 10 cigarettes a day           ______(0)
Total Score

After determining your score, use the following scales to interpret your score.

55 and up- You have excellent readiness for cross-country skiing.  Competition quality
37-54- You have moderate level of readiness for cross-country skiing.  Not ready to compete.
26-36- Exercise with caution and start with easy workouts with low intensity.
25 and below- Consult a physician and advice by an expert in planning your program.

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Testing Your Aerobic Fitness

1.5 Mile RunTest
Using a 440 yard track, run six laps in the inside lane.  Don't push yourself to complete exhaustion pace yourself so you finish the race.

Twenties Thirties Forties Fifties Sixties
Superior faster than 8:13 faster than 8:44 faster than 9:30 faster than 10:40 faster than 11:20
Excellent 8:14-10:16 8:45-10:47 9:31-11:44 10:41-12:51 11:21-13:53
Good 10:17-11:41 10:48-12:20 11:45-13:14 12:52-14:24 13:54-15:29
Fair 11:42-12:51 12:21-13:36 13:15-14:29 14:25-15:26 15:30-16:43
Poor 12:52-14:13 13:37-14:52 14:30-15:41 15:27-16:43 16:44-18:00
Very Poor slower than 14:13 slower than 14:52 slower than 15:41 slower than 16:43 slower than 18:00
chart is from Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas

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