This is a report of observations over a period of time about the physical activities of children under the supervision of parents or guardians during non-school time. The report should include play choices, purposeful practice, formal activities (sports clubs, dance lessons, Camp Fire, Girl Scouts, or Boy Scouts) or family activities. This report will help me determine the skill levels of each student and aid in my evaluation of them.  Also, in this report going home will be records of each student's progress and current grade in the class.


1. Participates in a variety of physical activities.
2. Participates in health-enhancing activities regularly.


#1. Ideal: Participates in a variety of activities more than three times per week.
#2. Acceptable: Participates in health-enhancing activities at least three times a week.
#3. Needs Improvement: Participates in health-enhancing activities less than three times a week.
#4. Unacceptable: Does not participate in physical activities outside of the physical education program at school.

Physical Education Parental Report Form

Dear Parent/Guardian,
    This is a progress report on your child's performance in their physical education class.  This is the current grade that your son/daughter has in the class at this point in time.  I would also like to ask you to report on any progress that your son/daughter participates in after school.  Below is a slip that I would appreciate being returned to me by ____________________.  This does not reflect your son/daughter's grade but gives me an idea of what or how much physical activity he/she receives on a weekly basis.  This will help me in my decisions regarding the types of physical activities I teach in my class.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime.
                                                                                                            Ms. Waldo

Student's Name:


Teacher's Comments:

Student Name ____________________________________________________________

Please describe the involvement of the student named above in physical activities each day during the week of ____________________. Include all formal, informal, family, or individual physical activities, the length of time spent, and any comments that would indicate the level of performance.______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________     Date __________________