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Team Handball Lesson #8
Topic: Team Defense

Learning how to communicate and work in a team fashion on defense.

Footwork, Communication, Space-awareness

Students will be able to use correct rotations on defense against a fast break or undermanned situation.

Team Defense Cues: Stop the penetrating ball, then recover back to your own man.

Lesson Activity / Drills:

Footwork Drill... All players line up on the court. Have players use the shuffle step (refer to baseketball defensive slides.... Cue- Step then slide, step then slide) and change direction on command. Players move to the left, right, backwards, forwards and at different angles.

- Triangle Shift (Team Defense)...
Players assume basic offensive and defensive team handball positions with one exception -- the offense will not have a circle runner. Offensive players will slowly pass the ball to this/her team. Depending on who receives the ball the defense will shift to form their "triangle of responsibility". Each defender in this formation is responsible for the area in front of the offensive player with the ball.

Three on Two- Designate three offensive and defensive players and one goalie. Have the offensive players run the length of the court with the ball. Defensive players are lined up to stop the fast break. Offensive players will pass the ball to the open player for a shot on the goal. Make the focus of the drill to the skill desired.... in this case, defensive rotations and team defense. Make sure players are communicating!!
Repeat these drills with different amounts of players on teams...
- Four on Three
- Five on Four
- Five on Three
- Six on Five
- Six on Four

Diagnostic Assessment:
How well can students do basketball defensive slides?

Formative Assessment:
Are students having success performing the "triangle of responsibility"? How quickly do they fill gaps in the defense when the ball is passed?

Summative Assessment:
Is the undermanned defense having any success against the attackers with more players? Do they use "help" defense?
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