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Team Handball Lesson #7
Topic: Dribbling, Screening & Defense

Playing in a situation where you don't have an entire group of teammates to utilize (ie. fast breaks, scoring situations).

Eye-hand coordination, footwork.

Students will be able to play offense and defense without or with little help from teammates.

Lesson Activity / Drills:
** You many want to introduce beginning drills from these three skill areas together before progressing.

Dribbling Drills-

- Dribble in and out of five-six cones placed about 10-12 feet apart.
- Each student will need a handball. Have students dribble constantly within the goal area, trying to keep control of the ball while deflecting balls from other players for a designated time limit. The player(s) dribbling the ball at the end is/are the winner(s).
- Dribble while attempting to tag other players scattered within a specified area. The player tagged is "it" and must tag another player.
- Form four groups with on e ball per group. Players with balls dribble to the left and hand off to the next line. The object is to try to catch one of the dribblers ahead. After handing off, go to the end of that line.
- Form two lines 10 paces apart on one side of the court -- one offense/one defense. On signal, the offense dribbles as fast as possible to the other end of the court. The defense runs to try to steal the ball. Change positions at the opposite end of the court.

Screening Drills-

- Have the left back dribble towards the goal. The #2 defensive player should step out to the 9 meter line for proper defensive positioning. The circle runner should set a screen on the left of the #2 defensive player. The left back goes to his right for the shot.
- Repeat
the previous drill by giving the ball to the center back and right back. Have the circle runner set the screen.
Modification- Have the circle runner set a screen. As his/her offensive player drives by, the circle runner will drive towards the goal expecting a pass from the offensive player for the shot. This move is referred to as the pick and roll (relate to basketball if anyone is familiar).

Diagnostic Assessment:
How well can students perform the initial drills that are not against an opponent?

Formative Assessment:
Are students challenging one another at a level that makes them work to have success against a partner?

Summative Assessment:
Can students apply skills covered in a modified game (1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2) without the help of a full team?
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