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Each year millions of young people across the country try out for public school athletic teams. Within a few weeks thousands of them will be eliminated from these programs - the victims of athletic cuts. This web site was created to explore the implications of cutting in public school athletics.

Information contained on this site was collected over a period of several years during which time members of the Ellensburg WA, school district debated the merits of switching to a K-12 no-cut policy.

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Thanks to those of you who attended our presentation at the Boston AAHPERD.

No-Cut Policies: Fancies and Facts

Quotes and Statistics on the Value of Sports

Why Cutting Students from Co-Curricular Activities is Inappropriate
Reasons For and Against Implementing a No-cut Policy in a Public School Co-Curricular Program
Common Reasons Given for Cutting Kids (and Responses)
Doing What's Best for Kids: Are Athletics Serving their Educational Role?
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