Sample Student Projects and Theses

James Tunnell
Modeling software projects as discrete dynamical systems, to develop a model for software defect production

James Smigaj, Graduated Summer 2014
Improving the Capacity and Accuracy of a PDF Modeling Software Application
Committee: Yvonne Chueh, John Anvik, Jim Schwing

Kurt Boberg, Graduated Spring 2014
Directed Graph Cryptosystems
Committee: Dominic Klyve, Filip Jagodzinski, Aaron Montgomery

Emaad Shah, Graduated Spring 2014
Detecting Fraudulent Craigslist Vehicle Adviertisements with Neural Networks
Committee: John Anvik, Razvan Andonie, Filip Jagodzinski

Garret Bolton, Graduated Winter 2014
Computing Mountain Passes Using Mathematica
Committee: Filip Jagodzinski, James Bisgard, Aaron Montgomery

Kathy Moore, Graduated Summer 2013
Messier Marathon Scheduler
Committee: Filip Jagodzinski, Andy Piascek, Martha Kurtz