Computer Science Masters Program Faculty & Staff

andonie Dr. Razvan Andonie, Interm department chair
Research Interests: machine learning, computational intelligence, data mining, and bio-inspired computation as general problem-solving tools
Hebeler 219-B,
(509) 963-1430

anvik Dr. John Anvik
Research Interests: Software Engineering; reducing the cognitive load on software developers by providing recommendations based on historical data from a project, specifically data found in bug reports.
Hebeler 214-D,
(509) 963-2901

jagodzinski Dr. Filip Jagodzinski, Interim Director of Computational Science Masters Program
Research Interests: Computational structural biology, high-performance computing
Hebeler 214-E,
(509) 963-1435

johnson Dr. Holly Johnson
Research Interests: Social Informatics, HCI, On-Line Information Systems
Hebeler 214-C
(509) 963-1405

kovalerchuk Dr. Boris Kovalerchuk
Research Interests: Computer Imaging, Visualization and geospatial data analysis, data mining, Scientific Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation & Optimization, Computer Architecture
Hebeler 214-B,
(509) 963-1438

harrison Tatiana Harrison
Department Recruiter, Academic Advisor and Industry Liaison
Hebeler 219,
(509) 963-1432

Masters Program Faculty from Other Departments

piacsek Dr. Andy Piacsek, Chair, Physics
Research Interests: physical acoustics, epistomological basis of science
Lind 117-A,
(509) 963-2723

fabry Dr. Levente Fabry-Asztalos, Chair, Department of Chemistry
Research Interests: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, molecular modeling and computational chemistry
Science 302-F,
(509) 963-2887

chueh Dr. Yvonne Chueh, Mathematics
Research Interests: Actuarial Science, Statistics
Bouillon 107-G,
(509) 963-2124

Past (and current) faculty who have served on graduate project/thesis committees