Depending on the nature of your question, please contact the appropriate person from the list below.

  • Questions about Graduate Admissions
    Justine Eason
    Program Coordinator, Graduate Admissions
    Phone: (509) 963-3103
    E-mail: EasonJ [AT]

  • Questions about Graduate School Financial Aid
    Diane Houser
    Fiscal Specialist / Graduate Assistantship Coordinator
    Phone: (509) 963-3102
    E-mail: HouserD [AT]

  • Questions about International Studies and Programs, visa requirements, etc.
    Bobbie Peterson
    Administrative Assistant to AVP of International Studies & Programs
    Phone: (509) 963-3616
    E-mail: petersob [AT]

If you have a specific question about the CS computational science masters program that is not about admission, financial aid, or visa's, contact Dr. Andonie or Dr. Jagodzinski:

  • Dr. Razvan Andonie, Director of the Computational Science Master’s Program
    Dept: Computer Science
    Office: Hebeler 219-B
    Email: andonie [AT]

  • Dr. Filip Jagodzinski
    Dept: Computer Science
    Office: Hebeler 214-E
    Email: jagodzinski [AT]

You can also use the below form to send a message to Dr. Andonie and Dr. Jagodzinski. If you want a response, please include your email address where you want to be contacted.