CS 360S, Hands-on Crash Course to Unix/Linux

This is a self-study no credit crash course to Unix/Linux. The on-line class is comprised of brief lectures along with hands-on tutorials and short problem sets intended to familiarize students with many of the tools that are commonly used by computer science professionals. The topics that are covered include command line basics, file systems, processes, compiling, editors, shell scripts, and several others.

Required Textbook

  • None

Grading/Performance Assessment

  • As this is a non-credit, non-required course, official grades will not be assigned.

Problem Sets, Computer Accounts, & IDEs

  • Problems sets will consists of to-do tasks, which can be completed in the allotted lab time (last 30 minutes of each meeting time).
  • The Networking/Linux lab in Hebeler Hall will be open late during weekdays, and on Sunday afternoon and evening. General information about lab accounts and lab hours is available at http://www.cwu.edu/~geesaman/hebeler-labs/homepage.htm. Open lab hours are posted at http://www.cwu.edu/~geesaman/hebeler-labs/hours.htm
  • Problem set submissions for a specific lab will be due and handed in to Filips at the beginning of the next lab meeting.