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Information Technology Services Department Work Request Process/Flow

PURPOSE: The Information Technology Services (ITS) Department Work Request Process is designed to provide a consistent methodology for CWU personnel to request projects and tasks to be completed by the ITS Department. This process will result in all requests being reviewed and prioritized for approval, thus assuring that all ITS customers have equal access to IT resources, and that IT resources are being used to maximize benefit to the university.

SCOPE: Work Requests are to be completed for any project or initiative to be completed on an ITS supported system (software, server, network, etc.). Work Requests are not required for emergency situations resulting in work stoppages, or other general IT support requests. These emergency requests are to be submitted directly to the ITS HelpDesk at extension 2001. Work Requests are to be submitted as follows:

PROCESS FLOW: Refer to Figure (1)

  1. Customer identifies need for ITS Support. If work is an emergency or a request for routine ITS services, the customer contacts the ITS HelpDesk at extension 2001. If the request is a project or related task, the customer completes an ITS Department Work Request Form.

  2. Fill out a Work Request Form online and submit the form. The request is reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate Advisory Committee.

  3. Advisory Committee reviews all Work Requests submitted, prioritizes them based on information provided by the originator, and submits major projects to the IT Steering Committee for sponsorship.

  4. IT Steering Committee approves the Advisory Committee recommendations (with or without changes) and sponsors work to be completed.

  5. Originator is notified of decision and of pending actions (if any).

WORK REQUEST FORM: Either individually, or with assistance from the ITS Department, the customer is required to submit a Work Request Form (WRF) for any project related work requested of the ITS Department. The form includes the following information to be provided by the originator:

  • Your Name: Originator’s first and last name.

  • Your Department: Originator’s Department Name (Select from menu).

  • Your Email Address: Include your GroupWise email address.

  • Your Telephone Number: Include a phone number where you can be reached if we have a question about your request.

  • Title of Project Request: A short title that will easily identify the request.

  • Work Request Area: Identify the area of work being requested. These include Networks, Web Services, Desktop/Client, Classroom/Labs, Peoplesoft/EIS, Other Applications, Telecommunications, Systems and Operations, Capital Building Projects, Other Miscellaneous. If “Other Miscellaneous” is selected, please specify in the Project Description.

  • Desired Completion Date: Please specify the desired date for completion of the project. If a deadline is mandated by regulation or funding expiration, clearly identify these situations in the “Impact if Not Done” section.

  • Funding Available: Identify if any funding is available for hardware, software, maintenance, consulting, or training.

  • Project Description: Include a full description of the work being requested, and of the desired outcome (if known). This section should focus on the requirements of the request, and not attempt to design a solution at this stage.

  • Business Reason/Benefit/Justification: Outline the benefit to CWU of this request, any return on investments which may result, and how this request will assist the university in achieving its business goals and objectives. Include any regulations which require this work to be accomplished, if applicable.

  • Impact if Not Done: Describe the impact which will result if this effort is not accomplished.

FIGURE 1: IT Department Work Request Process/Flow

Process Flow Diagram
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