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Information Technology Services: Telecommunications Upgrade Project


Proposed date: August 23, 2006
Proposed time: 5PM to 9P

Why are we doing this? The State of Washington requires BJED loopback equipment on all K-20 T-1 circuits. The BJED's are used for testing and troubleshooting. The existing BJED equipment terminating CWU K-20/ T-1 circuits is antiquated, unstable and causing troubles. The CWU Networks staff has requested they be replaced. Ellensburg Telephone Co. (now Fairpoint Communications) agreed to replace the old hardware at no cost to CWU if CWU pays for labor. The new equipment will provide more stable K- 20 circuits, Distance Education and Video Conferencing circuits.

What is to be done? The first phase will involve the fiber infrastructure serving the Fairpoint demarcation point being spliced to add the service loop needed to terminate on the new BJED equipment. This will create an approximately 2-4 hour service outage. For the second phase the new fiber will be connected to an OC 3 network path and from there to new Fairpoint DSX panels and then to the new BJED loopback equipment which sits between Fairpoint and CWU DSX's. There will be periodic brief outages as the circuits are cutover to the new BJED's.

What is affected and for how long? The existing rack is the demark for all our T-1's, special circuits, 56 K circuits, K-20 BJED loop back, (troubleshooting and testing) and any circuits on fiber. Copper circuits will not be impacted.

T-1's are the transport system, on fiber, that give CWU access to:

  1. Long Distance/SCAN for all Administrative offices, Kamola and Sue Lombard
  2. Local Dialing for all Administrative Buildings, Kamola and Sue Lombard
  3. 911 - fire, intrusion, monitoring alarms - blue light phones - elevators
  4. CWU Centers
  5. Special Circuits
  6. Video - Distance Ed and Video Conferencing
  7. Geology 56K circuit

Once the fiber is disconnected from the old equipment, because there is no service loop in the Fairpoint cable, there is not sufficient length to terminate the fiber on the new T-1 loop back equipment in either the old rack or the new one. The fiber will need to be spliced to extend it to the rack housing the new equipment. A new rack has been purchased and is installed, preliminary prep work has begun but we only recently discovered the problem with the fiber length. Changing out the equipment also gives us the opportunity to recover backboard space.

The window for completing this project with minimal impact to the campus is short. We plan to start August 23rd at 5pm for the 4 hour fiber splice and complete the BJED cutover no later than August 31st.

What is our back up plan for coverage of critical services?
Most critical services include 911 (elevators, blue lights) and alarms. Alternate backup services for 911 are being installed by adding 2 additional analog copper trunks that will send calls directly to Kittcom 911. ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and ALI (Automatic Line Identification) will not be available through this route. An alternate B1 line will be utilized over copper to direct fire alarms to EMCS Simplex fire panel dialer.

Hebeler, Hertz, Farrell, Lind, Buttons, Munson all have fire alarms that dial out directly to Simplex, they do not send an alarm to EMCS. Other building alarms are monitored at EMCS. These buildings will need to monitored by staff on a fire watch or redirect the alarm lines to a phone line in the monitoring station.

Who do we notify on campus and outside CWU?
On Campus: University Police, Facilities, EMCS, Jansen Warehouse, Biology Greenhouse, Media Services, Conference, Housing, Intranet Outages, All University Higher Ed Centers, Geology.
Off Campus: Kittcom/Police/Fire, SCAN/DIS, Fairpoint, Qwest

Contact Information

Information Technology Services
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926
(509) 963-2924
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