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The purpose of a new technology is to enhance user experience and efficiency. CallXPress Unified Messaging (UM) accomplishes this goal by simplifying how you work with all forms of communication; voice mail, e-mail , and faxes. Your GroupWise e-mail becomes the hub for storing and accessing all types of messages. Whether you are working in your office, at a home computer, or on your mobile phone, you can have access to all this information using the same device and interface.

Central Washington University has purchased 1100 licenses for CallXPress Unified Messaging. Campus community members who have been using Visual Messager will automatically inherit a Unified Messaging license. Others may request to be assigned a license if Unified Messaging capability is right for your work environment.

All phone users will have UM - Basic as of October 9th. Soon after the cutover, Telecom will be sending instructions to Visual Messenger application users on how to set up UM - ICA so that voice mail can be accessed from GroupWise. Blackberry / iPhone users with University paid plans will be contacted regarding the option of have UM - Full service.

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