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How to set up your new voice mail box

A new Unified Messaging System, CallXpress, will be replacing our old Octel Voice Mail System. To prepare for this change you must set up a new password and greeting for your new mailbox on the CallXpress System BEFORE the cutover. Callers will not be able to leave you voice mail until your new mail box is initialized!

Your new mailbox number is the same as your current mailbox number, usually the last four digits of your phone number. A temporary password has been generated to initialize your CallXpress mailbox. The password can be changed when the voice mail box is initialized.

Contact Telecom at if you did not receive an email with your new password.

  1. From your desk phone, DIAL 2500.
  2. After the system prompts you, dial the temporary security code ######
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your own new security code. This number can be the same number you are using for your current mailbox password. Your password may be from six to fifteen digits long, make it a number easy for you to remember but difficult for others to figure out. Avoid using simple number combinations.
  4. For confirmation, re-enter your security code.
  5. Record your name.
  6. Record your personal greeting.
  7. You must hear the system tell you, "Congratulations, you have successfully completed the set up for your mailbox," to complete system setup.

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