August 15, 2005


The Information Services Board

Ms. Tracy Guerin

Liaison to the Board

PO Box 42445

Olympia, WA 98504-2445


Ms. Guerin,


As required by Information Services Board (ISB) policy, Central Washington University is pleased to submit our 2005 policy compliance letter regarding the following items:


Information Technology Portfolio

Central Washington Universityís Information Technology Portfolio has been reviewed and updated.Section 3 has been submitted electronically to the Department of Information Servicesí E-Portfolio, as required, and appears in the universityís on-line portfolio (


Disaster Recovery Plan

Central Washington Universityís Disaster Recovery Plan has been reviewed and updated to meet our current environment.††


Security Plan

Central Washington Universityís IT Security Plan has been reviewed and updated.


In compliance with the standards, the desk audit of Central Washington Universityís IT security plan and all necessary materials were submitted to the State Auditorís Office in October 2003.Our follow-on IT Security Audit will be held in 2006.††







Carmen A. Rahm

Senior Director, Information Technology Services