Classroom Rules

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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! Welcome to Spanish class!  I am looking forward to a successful year of Spanish for all of my students.  In this classroom we have the opportunity to communicate frequently with our classmates and look beyond our borders to learn new and interesting things about different cultures.  In order to create a successful learning environment, I have put together the following guidelines for the students in this classroom. 

Reglas de la clase de español: Rules of Spanish class.  This class is about communicating with one another but we must be sure that we are creating an environment that allows each person to learn.  Respect your classmates and your teacher by respecting the following rules: 

1.Hable español en clase: Speak Spanish in class whenever possible.

2.Respete a todos: Respect everyone & everything, including others ideas, person, & belongings. Respect yourself & the learning environment by being supportive and trying your best.

3.Levante la mano cuando quiere hablar:  Raise your hand when you want to speak.  When we are working as a large group, raise your hand to ask a question or respond with discussion.   

4.Traiga todos los materiales a la clase cada día:  Bring all your materials to class each day.  Be prepared for class with your textbook, your folder, and a pencil every day. 

5. Complete la tarea para la proxima clase de español: Complete homework for the next Spanish class.  Bring homework with you completed the day after it is assigned.  Late work will not be accepted.  Homework should always be headed with your Spanish first name (which you will receive in class) and your English last name followed by the period you have this class. 

¡Premios!:  Rewards!  Positive behavior will result in rewards throughout the semester with:

•Comida – Food and Treats

•Juegos – Games

•Películas – Spanish Language Films

•Conversaciones – Conversation days in which students lead discussion and conversations

Consecuencias:  Failure to follow the rules above will result in the following consequences: *more severe offences may skip steps and proceed straight to detention or conference.

1st offence:  Verbal warning in class

2nd offence:  Detention

3rd offence:  Conference with guardians, student, teacher and assistant principal

I _________________ have read and understand the above procedures.  I will do everything within my ability to abide by the rules and procedures that have been outlined above.

Student Signature:  ___________________________________ Date: ___________________

Parent Signature:  ____________________________________ Date: ___________________


Teacher:  I will be fair and consistent in administering the discipline plan for my students.

Signature: __________________________________________  Date: __________________