CS 101: Computer Basics

Fall 2014









Meeting Times:

T, Th: 1pm - 2 pm HB 121
W, F: 1pm - 2pm HB 203, 204, 209
Sep. 25 - Dec. 5


Tatiana Harrison


HB 219-C


963 - 2295


Web Page:

Office hours:

M, T, W, Th: 11:00 am - 12 pm, or by appointment.


No Text, we will use on-line tutorials




Exams (2 - about 20% and 10% each)


Labs (17 labs plus Lecture attendance: total about)






Grading Scale

94 - 100


90 - 93

A -

87 - 89

B +

83 - 86


80 - 82

B -

77 - 79

C +

73 - 76


70 - 72

C -

60 - 69


Grading Note: The laboratories are an integral part of the course. Students MUST PASS this portion of the class to PASS the class. Laboratory attendance is mandatory; grading will be done in class only. There will be a 20% reduction in grade for each missing grading period (if you miss a lab and the grading opportunity, your lab will be graded the following lab period with 20% grade reduction)


Upon completion of this course, students will demonstrate the following abilities:

One of the most effective ways that students learn basic computer software is by using it. This course is designed to actively involve the student in using the basic software through homework and lab assignments. This is a four credit course, students are expected to spend two hours outside of class working on the material for every hour in class.

The concepts in this book are fairly concise; therefore, there are topics on which I will elaborate during the lectures that are not presented in the text. You are responsible for knowing this material for the exams.

Student Work and the Honor Code:

Work for the course basically divides into three areas, exams, labs, and the project. With respect to the in-lab assignments, students may consult the instructor, the TA's and each other. The point is to understand the material enough to complete that assignment.

However, all work turned in is to be the work of the student alone. No two pre-lab or lab assignments should be the same. Students may not work together on one computer and print out multiple copies with different names.

Any deviation from this policy is an honor code violation and will be treated as such if detected.

Lab Assignments Policy:


Missing class is no excuse for late labs, missed exams, or not getting information you need. The syllabus is subject to change.

Early exams and makeup exams are not given except in cases of dire emergency.

ADA Statement:

Students who have special needs or disabilities that may affect their ability to access information and/or material presented in this course are encouraged to contact me or the Director of Disability Support Services, on campus at 963-2171.


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