CS 325 Schedule

Harper, Fall 2015

Subject to change pending course needs. Check with other students if you miss a class.

Wed. Sept. 23

Go over syllabus, Canvas and website.

For Friday: Obtain the essay "Just Say No to Poorly Designed Software" by Charles Hannon (Chronicle of Higher Education) from EBSCO Academic Search Complete library database for summary #1.

You will need to first connect to the CWU Library website, http://www.lib.cwu.edu/, then find the dropdown list under “Search & Find.” Go to Databases by Title. Select Academic Search Complete, which should be the first listing.

Read over the guidelines for summary on website or in Canvas files.

1. Write a summary of Hannon's article.

2. Add a discussion on how Hannon's article applies to the field of computer science.


Fri. Sept. 25

For Mon. read Zobel, Chapters 1-2.

Discuss Summary #1 drafts. Exchange emails with another student.

Go over how to use editorial tracking in MS Word.

Edit your summary, then send it to another student following these steps by Mon.


1.     Send your summary draft as an attachment to another student for comment.

See instructions for file labeling in Summary instructions.

If you do not have MS Word on your computer, use a lab computer. Google docs is too limited.

You should receive someone else's paper in exchange.


2.     Turn on the track changes option in Word by clicking on the Review Tab. This will provide a record of any changes to the text.

Need help? Check out these websites:




3.     Comment on a classmate's work. Use highlighting in the text to point out problematic phrasing and explain the problem using Insert Comment. Provide both editorial corrections and comments. Make use of the guidelines for summaries.

4.     When you receive your summary back, examine the different versions of the text, an option available in Word. You will decide which changes to follow or to ignore in your final version.

5.     Place an electronic marked copy in Canvas. I will go over these and add highlighted comments.

Failure to participate in workshop will result in a half grade drop of the paper.



Mon. Sept. 28

I should have electronic edited drafts of Summary 1 in Canvas.

Report on use of tracking in Word.

Go over poor sentence examples from Summary #1.

Next reading for summary #2: Obtain and read "Divide and Conquer" by Barry Cipra from American Mathematical Society website (see volume 3 for pdf file).

www.ams.org/samplings/math-history/divide.pdf or do a Google search. A copy is in Canvas files. Read discussion of this assignment in http://www.cwu.edu/~harperl/The%20Summary.htm and in Canvas files.


Reading: Zobel Chap. 3 Style Specifics by Fri.


Wed. Sept. 30

Go over the draft you got back from a classmate. Accept or reject any changes.

Submit a clean copy to Canvas—Canvas will default to the reviewing view, so you must clean out any marked items before submitting.

See “Building a Sentence and Comma Usage” in Canvas files.


Fri. Oct. 2

Due date for final version of Summary #1 of Hannon's article. Bring a stapled hardcopy to class and submit a clean electronic version to Canvas.

In class, go over questions on Cipra's article. See assignment on website and Canvas files.


Mon. Oct. 5

Bring drafts of summary #2 to class for hardcopy exchange. Use peer response sheet.

Summary #1 returned (hopefully).

Go over proofreader's marks in Handbook of Technical Writing, p. 431. (This will be on Mechanics test #1.)


Wed. Oct. 7

Faculty Senate Meeting. No class. Work on finishing summary #2




Fri. Oct. 9

Do Zobel #13, p. 257a-c, in Canvas Discussion.

Lecture: Using parallel structure, lists, and colons.

Using abbreviations, acronyms

Checking for synonyms and misused words.

Reading: Zobel Chap. 4 Punctuation; Chap. 8 Editing


Mon. Oct. 12

Go over discussion postings.


Include any draft material—and staple. Submit clean electronic version to Canvas

Lecture: Style Specifics. Using quotation marks, italics, and boldface.


Wed. Oct. 14

Lecture: Punctuation

Subject-Verb and Pronoun Agreement

Catch-up on Mechanics test coverage


Fri. Oct. 16

Go over Graphs, Tables, diagrams for Visualization assignment.

Assignment is in Canvas files in two parts: Visualization Assignment2015 has the instructions and VisualDisplayGraphTable Assignment has the table and graphs for Parts I and II.

See ISO Flowchart symbols, Handbook p. 196.

Reading: Zobel Chap. 5 Mathematics; Chap. 6 Graphs, Figures, and Tables; Chap. 7Algorithms.


Mon. Oct. 19

Lecture: Ethics, liability and copyright laws

Reading: Zobel Chap. 13 Ethics



Wed. Oct. 21

Mechanics Test #1-index card only

See coverage here:




Fri. Oct. 23

Lecture: Using APA and IEEE

See The Onion on documentation war:



Begin reading material for next Mechanics test.

Start research for final proposal

Find a job or intern opening to use for resume exercise. See jobs at Dice at www.dice.com and internships at Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL) at http://science-ed.pnl.gov/

Also check CS department website and bulletin board postings on the second floor of Hebeler.


Mon. Oct. 26

Visualization Exercise due. Submit hardcopy only.

Lecture: writing resumes and CVs.

Reading: Zobel Chap. 10 Doing Research


Wed. Oct. 28

Draft Workshop for resumes and cover letters.


Fri. Oct. 30

Finding sources using library databases

Go over documentation

Discuss how to prepare an annotated bibliography and literature review

Review of logical fallacies


Reading: Zobel Chap. 12 Refereeing


Mon. Nov. 2

Mechanics Test #2-index card allowed

For Wed. Do Zobel Exercises 19, 20 p. 261



Wed. Nov. 4

Class online only. Faculty Senate Meeting.

Visit library databases to find potential sources.

Reading: Zobel 11 Experimentation


Fri. Nov. 6

Discuss Exercise 19 and 20.

Discuss how to find and evaluate researchers.

Resume and cover letter are due. Hardcopy only. Submit job announcement with assignment.

Reading: Zobel Chap. 9 Writing Up


Work on analysis of Research Paper Assignment: Access and read "Rethinking Passwords" by William Cheswick from Communications of the ACM 56.2 (2013). It should come up on a Google search.


Answer questions #1 and #2 Zobel p. 254, then write up a reviewer’s report on Cheswick's article. You need to recommend publishing, publishing with changes, or not publishing and explain why. This report should be about 2 pages in length. See further instructions in Canvas files.


Mon. Nov. 9

Using numbers.

Presenting and using Powerpoint

Discuss problems with finding source material


Wed. Nov. 11

Veteran’s Day Holiday


Fri. Nov. 13

Analysis of research paper, “Rethinking Passwords” is due. Bring hardcopy to class. And submit electronic version to Canvas.

Check out library databases for research topic.


Examine structure of "Ambient Intelligence: A Survey" by Fariba Sadri ACM Computing Surveys 43.4 (2011)




Mon. Nov. 16

Mechanics test #3- open book

Reading: Zobel Chap. 14: Giving Presentations.

Write draft of one-paragraph proposal for survey research papers.



Wed. Nov. 18

Draft workshop for Survey Research Paper proposal.

People may present as a group, but survey research papers must be individual efforts.



Fri. Nov. 20

Draft workshop for the annotated bibliography. You can also submit drafts for survey research paper’s annotated bibliographies to Canvas for feedback.


Mon. Nov. 23

Annotated bibliography and proposal are due.

Go over organizational format for Survey of Literature.


Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Recess-Drive safely.


Monday, Nov. 30 and Friday, Dec. 4

Opportunity for Powerpoint presentations. No class Dec. 2.


If you do not present today, you will need to present on the Final date.


***Final Wed. Dec. 9 12:00-2:00***

Final Powerpoint Presentations

Survey research papers are due


When grading is complete, papers and grade breakdowns can be picked up from the English department office in LL423; they will be there for one quarter.