Course Schedule

Eng. 102.013

Dr. Harper

Fall 2011

Note: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (WRAC)

See for updates.


Important Dates

*Rough Draft workshops

Sept. 30 for summaries of Virginia Tech shooting articles.

Oct. 7 for synthesis of Virginia Tech shooting articles.

Oct. 31 for topic argument synthesis paper.


**Paper Due Dates

Oct. 5 Diagnostic Summaries

Oct. 10 Final version of the argument synthesis on Virginia Tech Shooting and revised summaries (one grade for this combined assignment, include the marked diagnostic draft).

Nov. 4 Topic Argument Synthesis paper

Nov. 14 Annotated Bibliography

Dec. 6 Final position paper


***Quizzes and Exams

Oct. 10 Quiz #1 lecture and Chapter 1 material.

Oct. 17  Quiz #2 on topic readings

Oct. 26 Documentation Midterm

Nov. 2  Quiz #3 on topic readings

Nov. 7 Quiz #4 (take home)

Nov. 14 LC Quiz


Week 1

Wed., Sept. 21

Introduction to Course

Obtain textbooks and course packet

Syllabus coverage. See Packet pp. 1-23 for grade descriptions.

Using the University Writing Center


Fri., Sept. 23

Introduce Assignment #1; see Packet pp. 47-48 for instructions.

Discussion of research topics

Read "The Bathtub Hoax" in Packet, pp. 25-40

For Monday, begin reading WRAC Chap. 1 on summary writing, Chap. 5 readings on The Virginia Tech shooting and WRAC pp. 155-157 on synthesis organization.  Determine your top two choices for this quarter's topic.



Week 2

Mon. Sept. 26

Discuss "The Bathtub Hoax"

Packet pp.  41, 49

Examine pictures at

Vote on topics for this quarter's papers.


Wed. Sept. 28

Discuss "Perilous Privacy at Virginia Tech" and Jeffrey McMurray's "Colleges are Watching Troubled Students."

Prepare rough drafts of summaries for Friday.


Fri. Sept. 30

*Rough draft workshop for summaries of Virginia Tech shooting articles.

Use the checklist in Packet p. 55 to examine each other's drafts.

Start reading subject area readings in WRAC. See list in Packet p. 11 and read Packet pp. 69-72 on how to use quotations and common language issues.


Week 3

Mon. Oct. 3

Continue with subject readings in WRAC

Discuss use of quotations and language issues.


Wed. Oct. 5

** Diagnostic Summaries are due. They will be revised and submitted with the synthesis for a grade.

Discuss thesis and source usage.

Go over assignment for Argument Synthesis part of the assignment. See packet p. 47.

Prepare draft of synthesis.


Fri. Oct. 7

*Rough draft workshop for Virginia Tech Shooting synthesis

Use checklist in Packet p. 59-60


Week 4

Mon. Oct. 10

**Final version of the argument synthesis on Virginia Tech Shooting and revised summaries are due.

***Quiz #1 on WRAC Chap. 1 and lecture—everyone takes the same quiz.

For Wed., Packet 61-68 on questions for the text and incorporation of sources.


Wed. Oct. 12

Discuss source incorporation into the text.

In class, do Exercise 2.1WRAC p. 51 on wording for informative and persuasive thesis statements.

Go over quiz readings, packet p. 53

For Friday, read WRAC Chap. 3 Thesis, Introductions and Conclusions.


Fri. Oct. 14

Discuss techniques for introductions and conclusions

For Mon., read WRAC Chap. 2, Critical Reading and Critique.


Week 5

Mon., Oct. 17

***Quiz #2: subject readings followed by group discussion.

For Wed., go over documentation material in Packet pp. 85-101.


Wed., Oct. 19


How to use in-text documentation.


Fri., Oct. 21


How to set up a Works Cited page, following the MLA Handbook.


Week 6

Mon., Oct. 24

Documentation exercise in class to prepare for midterm.

Bring MLA Handbook to class. Midterm will be open MLA Handbook only (okay to use sticky notes to mark text).


Wed., Oct. 26

***Documentation Midterm.

Open MLA Handbook only (no notes), so bring the Handbook

Read Instructions for topic synthesis paper on Packet 75-82

For Friday, read WRAC Chap. 4-5.


Fri., Oct. 28

Argument Synthesis and the thesis.


Week 7

Mon., Oct. 31

*Draft workshop for Argument Synthesis

Use Packet checklist pp. 81-82.


Wed., Nov. 2

***Quiz #3: Covers the 2nd group of subject readings.


Fri., Nov. 4

**Argument Synthesis paper #2 is due.

Discuss logical fallacies.

Give out take-home quiz (Quiz #4).

Uncontested withdrawal deadline—last chance to drop classes.


Week 8

Mon., Nov. 7

Discuss expectations for annotated bibliography

See Packet p. 87

***Quiz #4 is due


Wed., Nov. 9

Discuss Library of Congress system for LC quiz.

See Packet p. 73.


Fri., Nov. 11

Veterans Day-No Class

Read Packet pp. 102-105 and Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, pp. 109-110.



Week 9

Mon., Nov. 14

***LC Quiz

**Annotated bibliography is due.


Wed., Nov. 16

Discussion of final research/position paper.

Prepare working thesis statements for Friday.


Fri., Nov. 18

Thesis workshop for position paper. Bring a working thesis statement composed of an assertion and a "because" clause.


Week 10

Mon., Nov. 21

Bring in 2 citations for non-WRAC sources for discussion.

Wikipedia discussion

Read Packet p. 101

No late work or make-ups accepted after this date.


Wed., Nov. 23-25

Thanksgiving Break



Week 11

Mon., Nov. 28

Group preparation for panel presentations


Wed. Nov. 30

Panel Presentations


Fri., Dec. 2

Panel Presentations


Mon. Dec. 5

Study Day


Final position papers are due in the Eng. Dept. Office Tuesday, Dec. 6

Final Exam date Friday, Dec. 9, 12:00-2:00—pick up papers.