Resources are your best friends. 

Here are some very useful websites that can help you with your writing and reading.

This website is the official MLA online resource. It has details on membership, conferences, and governance as well as a bookstore. Do note that this is not a resource for MLA formatting; they will sell you a book for that. However, there are many intellectual essays and articles that prove to be good resources and ideas.

Wenatchee Valley College Library

Need a resource that is nearby? Here's your starting place. The WVC library has many resources including online checkout, reference section, interlibrary loan system, video and audio bank, an online chat room called "Ask a Librarian," and a full text database of thousands of periodicals. Also, the site is well organized and easy to access for any internet access. There is also a list of services that are available at the library.

University of Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

One of my favorite online resources is The Perdue OWL, or Online Writing Lab. I’ve been using this website for MLA formatting and writing guidelines for many years. It is a very well organized website, divided into basic section such as ESL, Adult Education, Grades 7-12, and professional writers. In addition, the site welcomes non-Perdue instructors as well as instructors from Perdue. There are also tools for improving your writing such as exercises, details about plagiarism, and business letter and resume guidelines. The OWL includes a link to a OWL Newsletter that discusses upcoming events and topical pieces.

The English Club

If you need a basic review of your grammar or punctuation, this is a good site to visit. This website is very complex, providing everything for a basic or ESL learner, including information about English speaking counties. There is a place for "members" to set up their own profile, complete with pictures. Lastly, the quizzes are nicely organized, sufficient, and easily printable.

Library of Berkeley

While Berkeley is a bit of a trip from us here in central Washington, I like to use this website because the library is divided into smaller speciality libraries and collections. While not everything is available to the online visitor, the collections are linked to departments of studies at the University of Berkeley. This provides access to a whole new level of resource.

North Central Regional Library

Our public library is a vast and great resource. Not only can you check out books, but there are videos, music, audio books in many formats, magazines, newspapers and periodicals. The website offers searching tools for all of these resources. In addition to material you can check out, there is also a periodical database with abstracts and full-text articles. The schedule of classes offered on site is posted. Homework help is offered on line as well. In addition, there is also a searchable bank of auto repair books. Free mail-order and reserve service is also available.

Library of Congress

This is the ultimate in idea and resources. This website, much like the actual Library of Congress, has everything. Not only are special exhibits highlighted and the search tools amazing, but there are resources pages for students, teachers, visitors, publishers, researchers and librarians. Also, expect to find more than just articles, books and art: I've listened to some of the most intriguing interviews through this website.

The National Writing Project

With a focus on improving the writing and learning skills of students in this nation, this website is an amazing resource for teachers. With everything from newsletters, philosophical papers, lesson ideas and writing prompts, this is a perfect place to go for ideas for your classroom or for your own academia. There is also a section of official NWP physical locations.

Spark Notes

This website helped me pass my culminating exam for my Master's degree. Now, with that statement, I will say that I read all the books, but this site provided a basis of literary reviews and outlines that can be invaluable when time is short or tests are intense. Use this site for the lists it provides on topics such as themes, characters, plots, main points, and the like. From there, see if you agree and can support the provided information.

Central Washington University Library

Whether or not you’re a traditional student on campus or a distance learner, CWU's Library has a resource for you. With multiple databases of articles, periodicals, e-books, and media options, a student (and a teacher) can find what she needs. In addition, the library is set with an interlibrary loan program, a place to recommend a purchase, and personal accounts for ease of checking out resources. Finally, this website has a chat option to "Ask a Librarian" and even a place where election results are posted.

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