Course Title: Principles of Macroeconomics Course Number: ECON 202
Prerequisite: ECON 101 or 201 Instructor: Prof. Ghosh
Quarter: Office: SS 427
Day/Time: Office Hours: To be announced.
Office Phone: 963-1014


This course will introduce you to basic ecnomic principles that seek to explain the behavior of aggregate variables such as the level of prices, national income and output, unemployment, interest rates, exchange rates, and the money supply. the course will provide you with the basic economic literacy to be informed citizens in today's complex world.


The Principles of Macroeconomics course will encourage student development of:

  1. Critical thinking skills.
  2. Use of quantitative analysis and graphical analysis.
  3. Application of economic theory to contemporary policy issues.


Students will be responsible for learning on their own from the text, study guide and lecture notes. Study groups are usually very useful for such courses. Memorizing passages from the book will prove absolutely fruitless. The recommended learning strategy is to spend most of your time solving problems like those in the text, and study guide.


There are four exams. We will decide on the date and time of this later. In addition to the four exams there will be quizzes. The lowest 25 percent of the score, earned in the four exams, may be substituted with the average score earned on ALL the quizzes.


Make-up exams will be given ONLY under the MOST COMPELLING circumstances and I must be notified WELL BEFORE the scheduled date.


McConnell and Brue, Economics, 15th Edition, 2001.

Strongly Recommended:
Walstad & Bingham, Study Guide, 13th Edition, 1993.


Ch. 6
Readings in Text Topics
Ch. 1 Basic Themes
Ch. 1, Appendix Basic Tools
Ch. 2 & 4 The Economizing Problem, Ideology and "ISMS"
Ch. 3 Supply and Demand
Ch. 5 The Mixed Economy
> The Global Economy
Ch. 7 National Income Accounting
Ch. 8 Unemployment and Inflation
Ch. 11 Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply
Ch. 9 & 10 The Keynesian Model
Ch. 12 Fiscal Policy
Ch. 13 & 14 Money and Banking/Federal Reserve Bank
Ch. 15 Monetary Policy
Ch. 16, 17 & 18 Policy Debates, Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoffs, Business Cycles and Deficits
Ch. 37 & 38 The International Economy

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