Java Programming Style Guide

File Header Comments

File header comments provide readers and graders with the information they need to find your project on the network, identify the program's author, and to collect statistics on the project's difficulty based on the hours required to complete the program.

Completion times are collected for all programs submitted and the average computed for the class. You may round the hours worked to the nearest hour. Penciled in completion times are acceptable; I would rather have correct values than have you fill in an estimate when the program is first started. It is generally expected that most programming assignments will average about four hours of effort.

// Assignment: Program 2
// Account: (Enter your cs110 account number here)
// Author: (Enter your full name here)
// Completion time: (Enter the total number of hours you
//                   spent on the assignment)
// Honor Code: I pledge that this program represents my own
//   program code. I received help from (enter the names of
//   others that helped with the assignment, write no one if
//   you received no help) in designing and debugging my program.