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Lab 9: JavaScript Form Validation

Learning Objectives

After completion of this lab, you should be able to

Work collaboratively as a pair programming team

CS 250 in-class labs will be done using pair programming. Your partner for today's lab is listed in the table below:

Hebeler 204
Grader: John Wright II
Team 1
Abundiz, Sergio
Chandler, Alan
Team 2
Bajwa, Deepinder
Dickerson, Andrew
Team 3
Burley, Jonathan
Juarez, Adrian
Team 4
Byars, Frank
Plitkins, Kristofer
Team 5
Carpenter, Daniel
Prescott, Brandon
Team 6
Crockett, Jordan
Canada, Justin
Team 7
Hansen, Christopher
Ahmady, Temourshah
Team 8
Kinkade, Kyle
Belfiglio, Alexander
Team 9
Porter Jr, Anthony
Burton, Henry
Team 10
Rozelle, William
Strom, Brandt
Fill in: Taing, Pokuy

You may wish to review basic pair programming guidelines before you begin.

You should change roles about every ten minutes during lab.


Today's lab will cover form validation using DOM2 Event Model. You will need to create two files inside U:\htdocs\labs\lab9 folder

All elements will use the default styling, no CSS is required

Create a simple form with validation before submit

  1. lab9.html contains the simple HTML form shown below consisting of a fieldset, legend, five paragraphs, each paragraph containing a prompt label and a text input field for user input, and ending with submit and reset buttons inside a paragraph element.
    • Note: to speed things up, the code for lab9.html is available for download
    • You should not make any changes to the code for lab9.html; it is validated to XHTML 1.0 strict and has no accessibility errors
    • All you JavaScript code you will write should be in lab9.js, linked to in the head section of lab9.html.

contact details form

Attach an event handler in JavaScript code

  1. Create a new file, lab9.js, in folder u:\htdocs\labs\lab9 to use to provide client-side validation for lab9.html
  2. Attach an event handler to validate the form when the user clicks the submit button
    • JavaScript code given below
window.onload = pageLoad; // global code

// called when page loads; attaches the event handler
function pageLoad() {
  var contactForm = document.getElementById("contactForm");
  contactForm.onsubmit= validate;

Use a JavaScript method to validate for required fields

  1. Write the JavaScript function validate() that generates a JavaScript alert message "Your name is required" and returns false if the Name text input field has not been filled in, otherwise it returns true.

Tip: document.getElementById may be used to extract the input element and its value property may be used to obtain its value (as a string)

function validate() {
   var name = document.getElementById("custname").value;
   if (name == "") {
      alert("Your name is required");
      return false;

name is required

  1. Add the JavaScript code to make Email and Website required fields and let Company and Telephone be optional fields.

email is required     website is required

Use regular expressions to validate user input

  1. Write the JavaScript code that uses a regular expression to validate that the user name consists of only letters or the blank space character. Generate an alert message if the name is incorrect.

name regular expression

   if (!name.match(/^[A-Za-z ]+$/)) {
      alert("Only letters or space allowed in name field");
      return false;

Tip: For help testing regular expressions, visit the Online Regular Expression Tester

  1. Write the JavaScript code that uses a regular expression to validate that the Email consists where aa, bb, and cc are one or more alphanumeric characters.
    • Note: Keep it simple for this lab assignment
  2. Write the JavaScript code that uses a regular expression to validate that the optional Telephone field is in the pattern ddd-ddd-dddd or ddd-dddd where d is any digit
    • Note: Keep it simple for this lab assignment
  3. Write the JavaScript code that uses a regular expression to validate that the Website field is in the pattern http://aaa.bbb.ccc where aaa, bbb, ccc, are one or more alphanumeric characters
    • Note: Keep it simple for this lab assignment

email regular expression telephone regular expression website regular expression

Validate form elements with event handlers

  1. Add a second form to lab9.html below your contact details form to allow the user to enter project details

details form

The "Submit Project Details" button is a push button element, not an input element

<button id="submitButton" name="submitButton" type="button" value="submitDetails">
   Submit Project Details

Project Type and Project Completion Date are required, Estimated Budget and Additional Details are optional.

Register event handler functions

  1. Modify lab9.js to register four additional event handlers when the page loads to validate the new form elements and handle the button click
document.getElementById("projectType").onblur = checkProjectType;
document.getElementById("completionDate").onblur = checkDate;
document.getElementById("budget").onblur = checkBudget;
document.getElementById("submitButton").onclick = submitDetails;

Write event handler functions

Add four functions to lab9.js to handle the events

  1. function checkProjectType()
    • if the select projectType's value is "0", show an alert message and return false; otherwise return true
  2. function checkDate()
    • if the completion date input field's value is empty, show a "date is required" alert message and return false
    • if it does not match the regular expression for "mm/dd/yyyy", show a "date is invalid" alert message and return false
    • otherwise return true
  3. function checkBudget()
    • if the budget input field's value is empty, return true (budget is optional)
    • if the budget is not a number, show a "budget is invalid" alert message and return false
    • otherwise return true
  4. function SubmitDetails()
    • if the project type, completion date, and budget are valid, display "Project details submitted" in an alert box; otherwise display the appropriate error

To Receive Credit

Labs are graded by the student teaching assistant using the lab's scoring rubric [PDF].

Pair programming teams will receive the scoring rubric sheet at the start of lab. Write both names on the sheet to turn in the sheet in when you finish. Name 1 should be the student who saved the pair work in their CS 250 account.

Lab 9 is due at the start of lab of the next Lab. No late lab assignments will be accepted without prior approval. Your lowest lab score will be dropped.