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Pair Programming

Pair programming is a method of writing code by two people looking at one machine, sharing one keyboard, and one mouse.

In CS 110 and CS 111, we will use pair programming for in-lab assignments. Programming assignments will be individual assignments done on your own.

How to do Pair Programming

There are two roles in each pair. One partner, the driver, is the one with the keyboard and the mouse. The other partner, the navigator, is carefully watching the driver, pointing out errors, and planning what to do next.

Partners change roles on a regular basis. A good guideline in labs is to change roles every 10 minutes. When you change roles, simple slide over the keyboard and mouse. The navigator becomes the driver; the driver becomes the navigator. You should be seated close enough to each other that changing chairs is not necessary.

Advantages to Pair Programming

In industry, software developers generally spend 30% of their time working alone, 50% of their time working with one other person, and 20% of their time working with two or more people.

We use pair programming in CS 110 and CS 111 because students enjoy it and benefit from it. Pair programming by students

10 minutes

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