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Accessing Your U-Drive Account Remotely

Install the VPN Client

You must first have a working installation of VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Log onto the Wildcat connection and go to the VPN client download section under Accessing CWU-Net Services.

There are two versions of VPN, a 32-bit version (the version currently available on the CWU Web site) and a 64-bit version. You must have the version correct for your operating system.

For help with the correct version and with setting up VPN, contact ITS Helpdesk by calling (509) 963-2001 or going to Bouillon Hall, room 112.

To connect to the CWU Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  1. From your computer's Start menu, choose All Programs > Cisco Systems VPN Client > VPN Client
  2. In the VPN connection window, double-click CWU Student VPN
  3. In the authentication dialog box, type your Wildcat Connection username and password
    • At this point, you may get a notification of a mismatch in firewall policy, but this usually doesn't prevent successful connection, and you can ignore it. Click Close.
    • To confirm that you are connected to VPN, expand the Show hidden icons section at the right of your taskbar, and check for a closed-padlock icon

To map a CS network drive to a local drive

map network drive

  1. Open Windows Explorer by clicking on the Computer icon
  2. In Windows Explorer, click Map network drive
  3. In the Map Network Drive dialog box
    • In the Drive field, choose the drive on your computer to which you want to map the U-drive account
      • For example Z:
    • In the Folder field, type \\\<username-issued-to-you-in-the-lab>$
      • For example, \\\cs110002_12$
      • Note: the dollar sign $ is required after the account number
      • neve is one of the CS department server machines, the server machine may be different for your account
      • In subsequent logons, this path should appear in the drop-down list, and you won't need to retype it
    • check Connect using different credentials, and click Finish
  4. In the Enter Network Password dialog box's enter your Computer Science username and password
    • Username: cs2k3\<username-issued-to-you-in-the-lab>
      • For example, cs2k3\cs110002_12
      • You must include cs2k3\ before the username
    • Password: enter the password you use to log on in the lab
  5. A window opens in My Computer to your U-drive account
    • You may copy and paste your work into this U-drive window to save it on the computer science network

To disconnect

  1. Return to the My Computer window, right-click on the drive to which you mapped the U-drive account, and in the popup menu, choose Disconnect
  2. To close VPN, click the closed-padlock icon in the status area of your task bar, right-click CWU Student VPN, and choose Disconnect

Note that you cannot be connected to two or more U-drive accounts at the same time. This means that if you have multiple accounts (for different Computer Science classes and labs), you must disconnect from one before connecting to another.