NUTR 547
Nutrition Update

David L. Gee, PhD
Professor of Food Science and Nutrition

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Course Syllabus

Professor David L. Gee, PhD

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Review of basic nutrition, recent advances in nutrition research.  Advanced study of selected nutritional problems.

    1. Expose students to current topics of interest in the field of nutrition and dietetics such that they will be able   to apply these topics to their chosen profession.
    2. Demonstrate the ability to give a professional technical presentation to their professional peers.

Required Textbook: No textbook is required

Grading Policy
Research Paper 100 points
Peer Review of Research Paper (mean score by your peers) 40 points
Peer Review (score of your review by instructor) 10 points
Presentation (50% instructor, 50% peer) 50 points
Midterm Exam 50 points
Final Exam 50 points
TOTAL 300 points

    Perfect attendance is expected.  Inform the instructor in advance of a class that you need to miss.


Presentation Peer Evaluation Form


Course Schedule

A reflected in the dynamic field of nutrition, course topics change each time the course is taught. This is an example of the schedule from the 2010 course.

NUTR 547 – Nutrition Update
Summer 2010
Tentative Schedule (6/9/10)



June 21

Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine

June 22

Introduction to Dietary Supplements

June 23

Video: The Alternative Fix: discussion of first half

June 24

Video: The Alternative Fix: discussion of second half



June 28

No class: Bastyr trip make-up date

June 29

Dietary Supplements and Kava

June 30

No class: Bastyr trip make-up date

July 1

Bastyr University field trip/presentations



July 5

Fourth of July Holiday

July 6

Bastyr University field trip discussion
Sophia Liu: Traditional Chinese Medicine

July 7

CAM student presentations

July 8

CAM student presentations



July 12


July 13

CAM student presentations

July 14

CAM student presentations

July 15

CAM student presentations



July 19

CAM student presentations

July 20

CAM student presentations

July 21

Sustainable Food Systems: Video: Food Inc: discussion of first half

July 22

Sustainable Food Systems: Video: Food Inc: discussion of second half



July 26

Grass-fed vs. traditional beef production: WA Cattleman’s Assoc presentation

July 27

SFS student presentations

July 28

SFS student presentations

July 29

Final Exam

Useful Links

Journal of the American Dietetic Association - Guidelines for Authors