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Welcome to my web site!

Here you'll find links to course information for English 102 and English 105, as well as Humanities 101. Browse my favorite news and weather sites, as well as WSDOT's pass reports. Check out some libraries (national and local); see my links to wierd and interesting web sites, as well as my NEW and somewhat edgy page titled Food For Thought. See where I live and what my hobbies are. Need to find my office? Check out this campus map. Locate the APOYO Food and Clothing Bank on Central's Campus.

Mrs. G

English 102 Students:
I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you get a lot of work done! When we return on Monday, November 30, we will be having workshop days. That means, if you have a rough draft that you would like me to look at, be in class. I will get to as many people as possible in class, and the rest we will do during my sign up times.

The final paper is due on the final day of class, except for those who still have late paper coming. Attendance on the last day of class will be required. Those who are revising Paper One should turn it in with Paper Two, in the same folder. Please include your original Paper One, a rough draft of Paper Two, and the final copy, as well as photocopies of any sources you use that are not in our textbook. You may also include any homework assignments you haven't yet handed in -- including sentence revisions and/or essay transcriptions.

If you have not handed in your grammar modules and want to make them up, you should be in class during the final exam period. Please see your syllabus for exact times.


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