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Welcome to the CWU
Friends of the Brooks Library!

The CWU Friends of the Library (FOL), established in 1994, helps to ensure that the library remains a vital part of Central Washington University. Our annual newsletters and meetings keep you informed of library events.

Our primary purpose is to raise funds for library acquisitions: books, journals, recordings, musical scores, films, maps, electronic databases. Each fall, the Friends conduct a two-day booksale on the Ellensburg campus. The Friends of the Brooks Library Endowment Fund receives the monies raised by the sale and other events.

To join the Friends in support of the Library, print out and complete the Contribution Form, attach your check and forward to the Friends of the Library at the address provided on the form. We thank everyone who contributes annually in response to our newsletter and who suggests that family and friends donate to the FOL Endowment Fund in memory of deceased loved ones or special individuals.

Breaking News and Notices


President's Corner

The Friends of the Brooks Library Endowment Fund continues to grow and to benefit the Library, thanks to loyal donors and volunteers. In 2012, earnings from the Fund contributed $3300 for library purchases, and in 2013, that contribution increased to $4100. These amounts are significant when one considers that the Library's budget for the acquisitions, other than journals and databases, has shrunk drastically over the last two decades.

We welcome donations both to the library's holdings and to the Friends' book sale. The acquisitions librarian examines each donation to determine whether it duplicates items in the existing collection and whether it adheres to current acquisitions policies. Those materials that the Library cannot use are forwarded to the Friends. If you want to contribute, please contact Ginny Blackson (963-1306; blacksong@cwu.edu).

Where the Friends' sale is concerned, fiction of the belles lettres variety is always in demand, as are books on travel, cooking and current events. We cannot sell textbooks, magazines, and grocery store romances and thrillers. Materials related to computers in any form are obsolete almost as soon as they are published and help neither the Library nor the Friends.

If you think that your materials might benefit the Brooks Library Special Collections or the CWU Archives, please contact Stephen Hussman (963-1717; hussmans@cwu.edu).

Beverly Heckart, Chair, Friends of the Brooks Library

Board Meeting

Board of Directors Meetings are called by the Chair periodically on an as needed basis. The date and time will be posted here when available.

Contributions to the Friends of the Library can be made at any time by printing out and completing the Contribution Form, attaching your check and forward to the Friends of the Library at the address provided on the form.

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