Dr. Kristina A. Ernest
Terrestrial Ecology


What I love about biology:

  • mammals, insects, plants (but really, all organisms are amazing!)

  • understanding how organisms interact with each other and their environmental surroundings

  • being in the field

  • rationally, critically analyzing information

What I do besides biology:

  • I live in a strawbale home with my husband and two children

  • I love to hike, bike, canoe, cook, speak Spanish.

   Botanizing in the North Cascades, WA







Biomes of the Pacific Northwest

Entiat, WA

General Biology I (BIOL 181)

General Ecology (BIOL 360)

Biomes of the Pacific Northwest (BIOL 362)

Mammalogy (BIOL 453)

Wildlife & Fisheries Ecology (BIOL 462)

Conservation Biology (BIOL 466/566)

Field Techniques (BIOL 467)

Graduate Seminar (BIOL 599)

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Current Research

Ecology of Pikas (Ochotona princeps)

  • ecological connectivity of pika populations in the Washington Cascades (I-90, Snoqualmie Pass area)

  • pika population distribution and abundance

Plant-herbivore Interactions

Tropical Ecology


Link to Ernest Research Lab

American pika (Ochotona princeps)

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I advise the students in the following areas:

  • B.S. Biology, Ecology specialization

  • B.S. Biology, general

  • B.A. Biology, with interests in ecology

  • any students interested in ecology, field biology, wildlife biology, conservation biology

Please stop by my office (Science 236J)during office hours (posted by my door) or send an email or call me to make an appointment.

Dewdrops on lupine, Mt. Baker

Advising Links


CWU Links

B.S. Biology - Ecology Specialization

B.S. Biology - General Biology (no specialization)

Biology Major - Bachelor of Arts

Science Honors Program


Employment Opportunities Links

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Washington Department of Natural Resources

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

US Forest Service

US Fish & Wildlife Service

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