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Timothy Englund
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A path is formed by walking on it.
-Lao Zi-


I'm not teaching this quarter. Feel free to stop by my office anytime.



FINANCIAL WEBCAST FROM MCNA 299 - general useful information on avoiding too much debt

Download and install the player first by clicking here. Then download the webcast here. A copy of the slides used during the presentation is here. Happy listening!!!!




We are not likely to be
what we are for very long
We never were, we knew that.
But in some ragged way,
we have dressed each other
in pearls, shook cloth,
billboards, junk, and treasure.
And granted us the skills to move
if we needed to dance
we would.
And somewhere, if we need
to drum the sun until it chimed,
we could.
We have been the first thing
anyone ever dreamed of.

And what I have to say was this.
we are always what we are,
did, wanted, made.

--Paul Monette




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