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James DePaepe


In 2006 the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) created an Office of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (OREA) to ensure the university would meet state approval and national accreditation standards for the CTL, which includes programs that cut across three colleges (COTS, CAH, and CEPS). As a result, OREA designed a standards-based assessment system that evolved from a web-based tracking and reporting structure to a comprehensive relational data based system. The comprehensive data management system (CDMS) was developed for both internal and external reporting. This student-centered database includes records of 6832 students and tracks their progress from admission to the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) through their employment in Washington Public Schools. The database houses scores on 20,479 Washington Educators Skills Test – Basic (WEST-B) and 6297 WEST-E scores for the 36 endorsements areas taught at CWU. Faculty can readily access aggregated data to track program success for the past five years in the areas of: Admissions, Retention, Student Teaching, Program Completion and Employment, but also refine their search to advise a specific student or specific groups of students. Beyond the accreditation reports, the CDMS has supported state and national reports (including the 7 Title II, multi-year reports) and preparing the Center for Teaching and Learning strategic plan for the University. The State has also greatly increased the amount of annual/monthly reporting requirements (please see page 3 for a list by month). There is a plan in place to expand the CDMS for all faculty and students across CEPS to assist with the other nine accreditations in the College and offer the system as a template for the other Colleges.

OREA Outline for CDMS and Enterprise Systems Management (ESM)

CDMS = Comprehensive Data Management System - Desktop Version Completed
DMCO = Data Mining Collection (and Cleaning) On-going
EDP = Enterprise Design and Planning

  • CTL= 3 Colleges – 1 accreditation / State Program Review (Completed)
  • 18 departments (CDMS, DMCO, EDP)
  • 18 u-grad programs (CDMS, DMCO, EDP)
  • 12 graduate Programs (CDMS, DMCO, EDP)
  • 32 Endorsements and Certificates (CDMS, DMCO, EDP)
  • APT Online (In Progress-Incorporating Drupal)
  • Professional Studies - 7 accreditations (EDP)
  • U-Grad 7 Departments 19 Programs (EDP)
  • Graduate 3 Departments 6 Programs (EDP)
  • COTS-3 accreditations (EDP w/OE)
  • CAH-1 accreditation (EDP w/OE)
  • Business-1 accreditation (?)
  • University NWCCU - 1 accreditation (EDP with OE)

OREA's Annual Reporting Responsibilities


  • CTL= 3 Colleges – 1 accreditation / State Program Review (Completed)
  • Completer Table PESB Required Report
  • Aggregate 1st year Certifiers
  • Field Experience (track > 40assessment and time reports)
  • Required PESB State Reports = 8 reports
  • Completed by Demographics
  • Completed by demographics and Degree Types
  • Completers by Endorsement
  • Content Assessments
  • Field Experience by Endorsements
  • Enrollment by demographics
  • Field Experiences by Diversity
  • Field Experience by Outcome Scores
  • Working in WA Public Schools Report to PESB
  • PEDS for AACTEli>
  • 10 Sections with 16 Subsections
  • Federally Required Report---Title II
  • Two reports with seven sections and 21 subsections
  • Standard 1 Reports (school psych, teacher, administrator)


  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Strategic Planning
  • CTL Annual Program Reports and Unit Report (3 in1)
  • Deans’, Coordinators’, Chairs’ and Faculties request

Meeting with and Developing Solutions for:

  • Rebuilding LiveText System to Align with edTPA
  • Student Retention (working on a predictability model)
  • Data Mart
  • Faculty Workload and Activity Reporting
  • Building out the new Strategic Data Mart System (SDMS)
  • Tracking WESTB data, WESTE data, WTPA data, and LiveText Data
  • Designing and implementing a “Recruiting Teachers of Color” system
  • Fingerprint compliance tracking system (2-year compliance issue)
  • On-line certification changes from the state
  • PESB Technical Assistance Team
  • PESB Data Group
  • PESB Research Advisory Group
  • Accreditation Reviews
  • WACTE Board and CWU Legislative Committee Analyses


Office of Research, Evaluation, & Assessment
Office of Research, Evaluation, & Assessment
James DePaepe, Ph.D.
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