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James DePaepe

Director: Dr. James DePaepe
Associate Director: Dan Matthews
Program Coordinator: Stephanie Harris
Graduate Assistant: Neal Howard
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The Office of Research and Evaluation, a self-support unit of CEPS, conducts applied and evaluative research using rigorous systematic and empirical standards of scientific investigation. The Office's mission is to examine questions and accreditation standards relative to teaching and learning in schools and colleges for the purpose of understanding the impacts of practice, program, and policy. The Office will report emerging trends through the synthesis of existing knowledge and practice, conducting evaluations, and validating new assessment techniques. Dissemination of promising practices will provide policymakers and practitioners with the reliable data necessary


  • Design, test, and communicate methods and instruments that can be used to reliably and validly examine program efficacy and accountability
  • Promote diverse program outcomes measurement and attainment through evaluation practices
  • Expand and strengthen the professional development base of those who work directly with the Office
  • Provide policymakers and practitioners with data to guide their decisions for implementing new strategies or strengthen existing initiatives
  • Assist college programs with the documentation of accreditation evidence particularly in the areas of assessment and accountability.


In 2006 the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) created an Office of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (OREA) to ensure the university would meet state approval and national accreditation standards for the CTL, which includes programs that cut across three colleges (COTS, CAH, and CEPS). As a result, OREA designed a standards-based assessment system that evolved from a web-based tracking and reporting structure to a comprehensive relational data based system.

The comprehensive data management system (CDMS) was developed for both internal and external reporting. This student-centered database includes records of 6832 students and tracks their progress from admission to the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) through their employment in Washington Public Schools. The database houses scores on 20,479 Washington Educators Skills Test – Basic (WEST-B) and 6297 WEST-E scores for the 36 endorsements areas taught at CWU.

Faculty can readily access aggregated data to track program success for the past five years in the areas of: Admissions, Retention, Student Teaching, Program Completion and Employment, but also refine their search to advise a specific student or specific groups of students. Beyond the accreditation reports, the CDMS has supported state and national reports (including the 7 Title II, multi-year reports) and preparing the Center for Teaching and Learning strategic plan for the University. The State has also greatly increased the amount of annual/monthly reporting requirements (please see page 3 for a list by month). There is a plan in place to expand the CDMS for all faculty and students across CEPS to assist with the other nine accreditations in the College and offer the system as a template for the other Colleges.


Office of Research, Evaluation, & Assessment
Office of Research, Evaluation, & Assessment
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