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School Health Education Major, B.A.: Health & Fitness Endorsement

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This major satisfies the endorsement for health/fitness.

The school health education major is a lively and dynamic major that will prepare you to teach health in the secondary schools. Additionally, with the inclusion of required physical education courses, students will acquire a state certified endorsement in health/fitness that will also prepare you to teach K-12 physical education in the schools.

Application Requirements & Procedure:
Students wanting to major in school health education need to meet with Dr. Ken Briggs in the Physical Education building, room 108

As a school health education major you also need to make application for admission to the teacher education program during your sophomore or junior year. Application packets are located in Black Hall 228. Remember you must have a minimum 2.8 grade point average over your last 45 credits for conditional acceptance. Students taking this major are required to complete the professional education program requirements offered through the education department.

As teacher education majors, no grade less than a C is allowed for any course in your major (endorsement area) or in your teacher education program. Also, in order to student teach you must have a 3.0 GPA for the last 45 graded credits or overall accumulative.

Students should keep in mind that HED 230 is the introductory professional preparation course and must be taken prior to HED 345. HED 345 needs to be completed prior to HED 422. HED 422 must be taken one or two quarters prior to student teaching. HED 445 must be taken the quarter before student teaching.

(NOTE: Students seeking a B.A. degree must complete one year college/university study or two years high school study of a single foreign language.)

Required Courses

  • EMS 245 - First Aid Credits: (3)
  • EXSC 351 - Scientific Foundations of Health and Fitness Credits: (5)
  • FCSF 337 - Human Sexuality Credits: (4)
  • HED 101 - Health Essentials Credits: (4)
  • HED 210 - Drugs and Health Credits: (3)
  • HED 230 - Foundations of Health Education Credits: (3)
  • HED 323 - Infectious Disease Credits: (3)
  • HED 324 - Noninfectious Disease Credits: (4)
  • HED 345 - School Health Curriculum/ Materials Credits: (3)
  • HED 387 - Principles of Fitness and Stress Management Credits: (3)
  • HED 422 - Methods for Health Promotion Credits: (4)
  • HED 445 - Health Education Professionalism Credits: (1)
  • HED 460 - Controversial Issues in Health Education Credits: (3)
  • NUTR 245 - Basic Nutrition Credits: (5)
  • PE 280 - Professional Foundations of Physical Education Credits: (3)
  • PE 340B - PE Teaching Practicum II Credits: (2)
  • PE 341A - Pedagogical Foundations of PE I Credits: (3)
  • PE 341B - Pedagogical Foundations of PE II Credits: (3)
  • PE 342A - Movement Analysis and Application I Credits: (4)
  • PE 342B - Movement Analysis and Application II Credits: (4)
  • PE 342D - Movement analysis and Application IV Credits: (4)

Total Credits: 71

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