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Middle Level Math/Science Teaching Minor

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This minor is designed for students who wish to teach science and/or math at the middle level (grades 5-8). Completion of this minor results in a middle level math/science endorsement. The coursework provides experiences in math and science content and pedagogy including field experience. Students will learn about math, science, and the psychology of adolescents in addition to the more generalized coursework in their major. This minor is open only to students working on or currently holding teaching endorsements in elementary education, biology, chemistry, Earth science, mathematics, or physics. Students interested in this minor should see an advisor as soon as possible to discuss overlapping requirements with the general education program (potentially 25 credits of this minor could satisfy general education requirements).

Required Courses

(Complete all three areas not covered in major program)


  • Three introductory science courses with lab (1 life science, 1 earth science/astronomy, and 1 physical science required.) Credits: (15)
  • SCED 301 - Interdisciplinary K-8 Science Inquiry Credits: (5)


  • MATH 130 - Finite Mathematics Credits: (5)
  • MATH 164 - Foundations of Arithmetic Credits: (5)
  • MATH 250 - Intuitive Geometry for Elementary Teachers Credits: (4)

Math Teaching

  • EDEL 468 - Teaching Problem Solving Techniques for Upper Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Credits: (3)


  • EDCS 482 - Instruction and Assessment for the Middle Level: Grades 5th - 8th Credits: (3)
  • EDEL 477 - Middle School Students and Their Environment Credits: (4)
  • MATH 323 - Teaching Middle School Mathematics and Science Credits: (3)
  • OR
  • SCED 323 - Teaching Middle School Mathematics and Science Credits: (3)

In Addition: Elementary Education Majors must take:

  • EDCS 424 - Reading in the Content Fields Credits: (3)

Secondary Science Majors must take:

  • EDEL 323 - Teaching Elementary School Mathematics Credits: (3)

Secondary Math Majors must take:

  • SCED 322 - Science Education in the Elementary School Credits: (4)

Total Credits: 50

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