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School Administration, M.Ed. - Residency Principal Certificate

School Administration, M. Ed.

This program prepares teachers for the residency principal´s certificate. A candidate shall complete at least 56 credits in an approved course of study to be developed in consultation with the graduate advisor and filed with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Refer to the section on general master´s degree regulations for graduate school requirements. The Master of Education in school administration program provides options for the various school levels, but does not necessarily qualify the student for the residency principal´s certificate. The certificate requires that an applicant complete an application and be accepted to the administrator certification program and complete the 16 credit internship as described under EDAD 692 and 693. The School Administration program prepares individuals who can provide appropriate leadership and direction to the school professional staff and to the community by (1) developing a unified system for managing human resources; (2) developing long-range plans, policies and goals; and (3) executing the policies developed by the district.

One year of successful contracted teaching experience in a K-12 classroom setting is required for admissions to the School Administration program. One of the three required letter of recommendation forms must be from the applicant´s current principal or designee. Students are not allowed to register for EDAD courses until they have been fully admitted into either the School Administration, M.Ed. program or the Administrator Certificate Program.

Prefix / Course Number Course Title Credits
Required Courses  
EDF 570 Studies and Problems in Intercultural Education 3
EDF 510 Educational Research and Development 4
Select from Required Foundations and Research Courses under Professional Core 3
EDSE 512 Philosophy of Education 3
EDAD 580 Advanced Educational Statistics 5
EDAD 581 Educational Measurement for Teachers 5
EDAD 582 Educational Futurism 5
EDAD 583 Studies and Problems in Intercultural Education 5
EDAD 584 Comparative Education 5
EDAD 586 Educational Change 5
EDAD 589 Human Growth and Development, Advanced 5
EDAD 700 Advanced Educational Psychology 6
    Advisor approved electives 2
Total Credits Program 56

Residency Administrator Certificate – Principal and Program Administrator

The Residency Administrator Certificate program is available to individuals who already possess a master´s degree OR who are currently working on an M.Ed. in school administration. Contact the school administration program director for details and admission information.

Students are not allowed to register for EDAD courses until they have been fully admitted into either the master´s degree program or the administrator certificate program.

Additional courses may be required (e.g., special education and/or multicultural education) depending upon the background and experience of individual students.

Prefix / Course Number Course Title Credits
Required Courses  
EDAD 580 Educational Administration 5
EDAD 581 Public School Finance 5
EDAD 582 School Curriculum 5
EDAD 583 School and Community 5
EDAD 584 School Personnel 5
EDAD 586 Principalship 5
EDAD 589 School Law 5
EDAD 692 Pre-Autumn Internship in School Administration 4
EDAD 693 Internship in School Administration 12
Total Credits Program: 51

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