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School Psychology, M. Ed.

The State Board of Education"s standards for certification of school psychologists require that the candidate complete an approved master"s degree program in psychology that has been developed in concert with school and professional organizations. (Note: candidates who have already received a master"s degree in a related field are not required to earn a second master"s, but must complete all requirements or their equivalent.) Successful completion of the preparation program at Central leads to eligibility for residency certification as an Educational Staff Associate (ESA) school psychologist and national certification through the National Association of School Psychologists. The certification program also requires satisfactory completion of the PRAXIS II examination in school psychology.

Prerequisites: PSY 362, PSY 363, (or approved equivalents) may be taken concurrently with certain program courses.

Master"s Degree Requirements:
The Master of Education degree in school psychology is granted to the candidate upon completion of 101 quarter hours of coursework including thesis. The following courses (or approved equivalents) are required:

Prefix / Course Number Course Title Credits
Required Courses  
EDF 507 Studies and Problems in Intercultural Education 3
EDSE 523 Curriculum for Students with Special Needs 3
PSY 501 Professional Seminar in School Psychology 3
PSY 525 Psychology of Reading (EDRD 525) 3
PSY 551 Behavior Analysis 4
PSY 552 Human Growth and Development, Advanced 3
PSY 555 Design and Analysis for Applied Research 4
PSY 556 Advanced Evaluative Techniques 5
PSY 558 Advanced Statistics 5
PSY 559 Advanced Educational Psychology 4
PSY 560 Introduction to Counseling 4
PSY 561 Group Counseling 3
PSY 564 Intellectual Assessment 5
PSY 566 Personality Assessment 5
PSY 573 Career Development and Counseling 4
PSY 578 Applied Physiological Psychology 4
PSY 583 Consultation 3
PSY 584 Behavior Disorders and Psychopathology 4
PSY 592 A Practicum in School Psychology 3
PSY 592 B Practicum in School Psychology 3
PSY 593 A Practicum in Counseling I: Interviewing 4
PSY 593 B Practicum in Counseling II: Assessment 4
PSY 683 School Psychology Internship 5-15
PSY 700 Master´s Thesis, Project Study, and/or Examination 6

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