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Reading Specialist, M. Ed.

Program Minutes

The following college-level courses should be taken prior to enrollment in the specialization courses and may not be counted as part of the required credits in the reading specialist program:

- Basic reading course - Basic language arts course -Basic children’s literature course

A minimum of one year of successful, contracted teaching experience in a K-12 classroom setting is required for admission to the reading specialist program. One of the three required recommendation forms for admission to the reading specialist program must come from the applicant’s current or most recent principal or designee.

The student will complete at least 45 credits as outlined in an approved course of study filed with the office of Graduate Studies, Research, and Continuing Education. The development of a course of study most appropriate to the professional goals and purposes of each individual student must be completed and approved by a program advisor or committee chair upon the completion of 15 credits.

Prefix / Course Number Course Title Credits
Required Courses  
Required Foundations and Research Courses under Professional Core 10
EDCS 424 Reading in the Content Fields 3
EDRD 521 Reading in the Elementary School 4
EDRD 523 Survey of Research in Reading 3
EDRD 525 Psychology of Reading 3
EDRD 526 Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties 3
EDRD 528 Remediation of Reading Difficulties 3
EDRD 592 Practicum: Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties 3
EDRD 700 Master’s Thesis, Project Study and/or Examination 6
Total Required Credits 38
Elective Courses (not limited to the list below)  
EDRD 418 Reading and Linguistics 3
EDRD 419 Storytelling Techniques 3
EDBL 440 Reading English as a Second Language 3
EDAD 584 School Personnel 5
EDAD 599 Seminar 1-5
EDEL 531 Teaching Elementary School Language Arts, Advanced 3
EDRD 520 Advanced Teaching of Reading: Methods and Materials 3
Total Elective Credits
Total Credits Program 45

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